11 Must Have Kitchen Items

11 Must Have Kitchen Items

I am sharing my TOP 11 Must Have Kitchen Items today! So grab a coffee, and lets do this!

All of these items I have listed below are items that I have owned for years and truly love. The reviews are all my own experiences and opinions. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item I will earn a small commission with no extra cost to you. So without further ado, lets go!

Showing all 11 of my kitchen items

1. Flipper/Turner

We LOVE this flipper/turner. My better half loves over easy eggs with a soft yolk, as you might imagine, that combination boasts a few challenges. Firstly, getting a flipper underneath the egg before you flip it, and getting a flipper under the yolk almost immediately after it has been flipped. All of this with out exploding the yolk. With every other flipper that we tested, they were so thick that they would break the yolk before they were even flipped! Finding a flipper that was paper thin and still sturdy was a bit of a challenge. But this one has become a part of our most used kitchen items and I would recommend it to anyone!

2. Immersion Blender

This immersion blender is among one of my most used kitchen items! It is perfect for making blended soups, like Roasted Garlic Butternut Squash Soup, and sauces like gravy, or homemade hollandaise sauce! It has a 200 watt motor, 2-speed variable control, and a detachable blender head, which is extremely nice for cleaning purposes! Immersion blenders are also great gift ideas! If you don’t already have one of these in your cupboard, you need one!

3. Pastry Cutter

A pastry cutter is absolutely essential if you are a baker! They are very affordable and come in handy for making pie crusts, pastry dough, and more!

There are a few alternatives to using a pastry blender. You can use two butter knives or even a food processor. But trust me on this one, if you make pie crusts or pastries even once per year, this is worth the small investment! This is the type of tool that will come in the most handy when you least expect it!

4. French Rolling Pin

I LOVE my French Rolling Pin! I stumbled upon it one day shopping at a kitchen supply shop, and I had to have it! I love it for its ease of use and ease of cleaning! My other rolling pin had handles and squeaked terribly whenever I used it, that one hit the trash bin pretty hard after I found this one! I also like that it has slightly curved edges, which gives you much more control over the rolling pin and more control when rolling out dough.

5. Glass Mixing Bowls

Every cook needs a few good glass mixing bowls! These are another item that I use ALL.THE.TIME. Make sure you get the tempered glass. This means it will be heat safe. I use mine for rising bread, as a double broiler, and just as a regular old mixing bowl. One of my biggest reasons for loving glass mixing bowls is that plastic wrap will adhere and stick to the top! Unlike stainless steel, or plastic bowls. That comes in extremely handy when you are rising bread, or need to throw something you have just mixed up into the fridge to set.

6. Cast Iron Skillets and Cleaning Brush

Where do I start!? Cast Iron Skillets are the best! They are an investment that will never ever let you down. Extremely sturdy and durable. They just require a small amount of extra work to keep them in tip top shape! If they are treated and cared for properly they will literally last forever.

Fun fact- cooking with cast iron cookware actually adds the iron mineral into the food that you are cooking. This helps to maintain healthy iron levels in your diet.

I have both a 10″ skillet and a 12″ skillet. I literally use them every day. The longer you use and care for them, the better the “seasoning” on the pan becomes. Here are a few tips and tricks for caring for your cast iron:

Cast Iron Cleaning & Care Tips

  • To remove tough baked on food use a stiff bristled cleaning brush and a handful of Kosher Salt. I highly recommend getting this cleaning brush. But any stiff bristled brush will work. To use this cleaning method, wait until the pan has cooled off completely, and add a handful of Kosher salt into the pan. Scrub with the cleaning brush in circular motions, add a bit of water if needed. Also, use this method of rejuvenation if your pan has began to rust.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a bit of soap and water to clean out your pan! Some people are adamant about never letting a drop of water touch the pan, but in my experience it has been fine. Just don’t scrub with soap too hard or some of the built up seasoning might strip off.
  • After using and cleaning your pan, every single time, you need to spread on a thin layer of oil to protect it. Use an oil with a high smoke point, I use vegetable oil or canola oil. After you have cleaned and dried your pan, put a splash of oil into the pan and rub it around with a paper towel. Rub the oil all over the entire pan, even the handle and the bottom.
  • If your pan needs some extra seasoning built up on it. Use the same method as in the previous tip. Rub a high smoke point oil all over the pan. Preheat your oven to 400°F and place the oiled pan upside down on the middle rack. Bake the pan for 1 hour and leave the pan in the oven to cool completely. Repeat as often as necessary. I do this every 3 or 4 months.

7. Cookie Scoop

A cookie scoop isn’t just for scooping perfect portions of cookies! It is a very versatile tool that I use quiet frequently for portioning meatballs, portioning cupcake batter or muffin batter into the liners, and of course portioning cookies!

8. Drip Single Serve Coffee Brewer

I love this coffee brewer! I am the only one in our house that drinks coffee, so it doesn’t make sense for me to brew an entire pot everyday. That’s where this little gadget shines! It fits perfectly over the top of my travel coffee mug and brews the most flavorful and fragrant coffee! It takes less than 5 minutes to make 24 oz of coffee and zero brain power, which, lets be real, it needs to be easy when its first thing in the morning! These are super affordable and PERFECT for taking camping! You’ll need these filters to fit in this specific drip coffee brewer.

9. Kettle

I use my kettle multiple times every day! Hot water for my coffee in the morning, and for my tea at night! In my opinion a kettle is an absolute essential! All kettles will get hard water build up on the inside. Hard water is that white rock hard substance that forms at the bottom of anything that holds water. To easily clean this up, add 1/2 cup white vinegar to your kettle, and then fill with water to the max fill line. Boil the kettle, and discard of the vinegar water. Boom, now your kettle is shiny and looks brand new!

10. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

I have had my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer for 7 years now! It is a great investment to add to your kitchen! I use my mixer to make things like pizza dough, chocolate cake, whipped cream, macrons, and all sorts of other delicious things! The possibilities are endless, there are so many attachments available for this mixer, which turn it into a great multiple use machine! I will recommend a few “extras” right off the bat, first off this beater blade with the scraper attached, and this glass bowl. We’ve already talked about my love for glass bowls, but it is super duper handy to have an extra bowl on hand.

Adjusting the Attachments

I have one tip for you, this is something I never knew when I first bought my mixer and I ended up destroying the whisk attachment on my mixer. You have to manually adjust the mixer attachments so they don’t hit the side of the bowl when you turn on the mixer. To do this, attach the whisk attachment, lower the attachment into the bowl and turn the mixer on slow. If you hear any “tinging” or scraping you need to adjust the attachment. Raise the head of the mixer and right in the joint you will see a large flat head screw. Grab a screw driver and adjust that screw. Be sure to only move the screw VERY SLIGHTLY. Lower the mixer head and test again, you will have to play around with it to figure out which direction that you need turn the screw to adjust the attachment.

11. Splatter Screen

A splatter screen is a must have kitchen item! It saves my sanity and my skin when I am frying up bacon or searing steak. A splatter screen is a very very fine mesh that prevents the “spatter” back from bacon cooking or when you are searing food. Because it is mesh, it doesn’t create any condensation, and no extra water will get into the food like it would if you were to use a standard lid. I often use the splatter screen on my instant pot when I am searing meat to prevent all of the grease from flying around.

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