Dash of Sparkle May 2019

Dash of Sparkle May 2019

Hello everyone! May is over and the summer weather has finally arrived! We did a lot this month. For our “Dash of Sparkle” in May we went camping twice, planned the rest of our holidays for the summer, planned content (I am getting better at this-yay!), and started filming recipe videos! 😲

Camping- the first time

We are both well seasoned campers, being out in the elements since before we can both remember. So, snow in the forecast? No big deal!

We chose a campground super super close to where we live, we are so lucky that in under an hour from our doorstep we can be in the rocky mountains. Most all of the snow had already melted around the city and we figured being so close to home, that most of all the snow would be melted out there too right? WRONG.

When we finally got out there there was still over 2 feet of snow on the ground and we had to shovel out pretty much the entire site. Luckily, our brother-in-law texted us just before we left and told us to bring a shovel. We thought he was joking…

So the first trip out of the year was a total bust, and ended early with us all packing up wet, snowy, and icy gear and high tailing it out of there. Thank goodness we did because it snowed at least another foot the night we left.

our trailer being snowed on in the mountains

Camping- trip two

Just last weekend we headed out again, this time further into the mountains and it was BEAUTIFUL. For the first time in a long time the weather completely cooperated and only drizzled rain once for about a half an hour.

middle lake

We came home burnt to a crisp and happy as ever. It was so nice to get a relaxing weekend away, and spend some quality time with good friends.

We went kayaking on a lake that was just outside the campground, went on a short hike to the river, and had some good laughs.

picture of the bow river and mountains from our campsite

Whats New on the Blog

We started filming recipe VIDEOS!!! We talked a lot about this right when I started Whipped It Up, and I was so bogged down with everything else I could not fathom the idea of having to learn something as complicated as that!

This is where my fiance Eddie generously stepped in! He had dabbled in YouTube videos before and knew how to use iMovie, so he has been heading up most of the video production!

Another super cool amazing thing you should know, he writes and records all of the music for the recipe videos! He is an extremely talented musician. He LOVES music, writing music, playing guitar, and he is so so good at it.

Eddie playing his guitar

Here are the two that we have done so far, and we are planning to have one video come out per week! For the first bit we will be playing catch up on some of the older content on the site, so the best way to keep up to date with the new videos is by following us on Instagram!

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake– one of our most POPULAR recipes!!! It is so delicious.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies– These are my jam! All of the best cookie ingredients crafted together to make the ultimate cookie!

Also, a few new recipes!

#1- Veggie Curly Fries!!! Yes, you use spiralized vegetables like zucchini and butternut squash and transform them into “fries” and the cover them with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce. 🤤 Click here for the full recipe and instructions!

veggie curly fries on a white plate with chipotle drizzled on top

#2- Roasted Almonds- these are the best damn snack in the world. They are healthy, cheap to make at home, and so tasty! They come together in 20 minutes. Click here for the full recipe and instructions.

close up of a bowl of roasted almonds

#3- Apricot Brie Chicken Sandwiches- these are personally my favorite sandwich ever. You HAVE to try them. They are perfect for summer and a major crowd pleaser! Click here for the full recipe and instructions.

Aprict brie chicken sandwich stacked with arugula sprinkled around the background

Here are a few more recipes that you wont want to miss!

With that, that wraps up our Dash of Sparkle for May. We will see you back here next month with our dash of sparkle for June and the second quarter update! See you soon!

me and eddie out camping

We would love to hear if you tried this recipe! We put a lot of work into our recipes and love to hear how they worked for you! To get a hold of us, you can shoot us an email or leave a comment down below! We can also be found on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.

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